Study Leave Rules


Trainees are entitled to 30 days of study leave per year of which 15 are regarded as VTS leaving 15 days they can take for other things over and above annual leave etc. They tend to use this for CSA and other courses. You need to keep a bit of an eye on "private study time" and are entitled to deny leave if you dont feel its in their educational interest eg some years ago we declined a request for 3 days study leave an ST2 wanted to take to attend a paediatric rheumatology course. As they were struggling with basic GP we regarded that as inappropriate. If the trainee is unhappy with that decision they can appeal to me and/or the postgraduate dean.

Alongside this and best regarded completely separately is the trainee working week. This should consist (for a full time trainee) of 28 hrs clinical time (which should include time to complete administrative tasks) and 12 hours of education. Those 12 hours consist of 4 hrs in practice teaching (joint surgeries, debriefs, tutorials etc) 4hrs personal study time and (when its running) 4hrs VTS. When the VTS is not running this is still education time and the trainee should have a discussion with you about how they will use it. Its a good opportunity for them to attend hospital and community clinics, complete audits, and yes do their CSA groups. You are entitled to ask for something definite from them ideally a learning log reflecting what they have achieved on that afternoon. It may be that approaching CSA an additional surgery with feedback is the most appropriate use of their time but it has to be an educational opportunity not just service work.

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