ARCP Covid Amendments

Key Changes:

  • A new guide for ARCP process during covid was released on 31/3/2020 'Gold Guide Version 8'
  • The number of assessment required for work place based assessment has been reduced during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Allowances will be made to ensure that disruptions to training whilst working flexibly to deliver care during the Covid 19 pandemic will not disadvantage trainees and their progression.
  • End of training is considered to be the single critical progression point in GP
  • Annual ARCP will continue but the panel can be reduced to 2 members (3 members for a 'non standard' outcome)
  • ARCPs will now be held online with a panel chair and 2-3 panel members. There will be no lay representative or observers and no external RCGP assessor
  • Online BLS certfiicates will be accepted during the Covid pandemic period due to lack of availablilty of face to face courses. The online certificate should mention automated external defibrillation (AED) OR the trainee should add a reflective entry demonstrating an understanding of AED.
  • Both ALS and BLS are acceptable evidence of competence in life support. You must have a valid ALS or BLS certificate that has been completed within the 12 month period being assessed at ARCP regardless of the dates on your certificate.
  • A reflective learning log entry for child level 3 safeguarding is not required during the e Covid 19 pandemic. 
  • Adult safeguarding changes are not being implemented i.e. adult safeguarding certificates and reflective entries will not be required at present.
  • CEPS (Clinical Examination Procedures) - it may not be possible to demonstrate CEPS at present and therefore alternative evidence may be provided for those about to CCT. Acceptable are a CEPS reflective learning log entry and / or educational supervisor comments regarding competency in mandatory CEPS.
  • Evidence numbers: Check your fourteenfish portfolio and the RCGP website for the latest WBPA requirments for the ARCP.
  • If AKT / CSA has not been passed but satisfactory work place based assessment present an outcome 10 will be issued. 'acquisition of some capabilities delayed by impact of Covid 19' There are two types of outcome 10. An Outcome 10.1 is issued for trainees not at the end of training and outcome 10.2 for trainees at end of training unable to CCT. nb if the work place based assessment is not satisfactory the relevant outcome is issued instead of an outcome 10.
  • Supplementry Outcome 10 codes
    • C1 - Trainee at cirtiical traiing progression point but not at CCT
    • C2 - Trainee at critical progression point but not at CCT and derrogation provided for the applicable element (not applicable to GP VTS)
    • C3 - Redployment could not acquire the required experience (trainee could not acquire appropriate curriculum related experience due to service changes)
    • C4 - Prolonged self isolation needed during Covid 19 preventing appropriate curriculum related experience.
    • C5 - Inadequate progress in this training year prior to covid 19. Trainee was not on course to receive an outcome 1 or 6 but given disruption an unsatisfactory outcome cannot be awarded.
    • C6 - Incomplete evidence due to Covid 19. Due to disruption incomplete information has been supplied and is available to the ARCP panel.e.g. trainee unable to obtain supervisor reports.
    • C7 - Foundation trainees
    • C8 - Royal college or faculty exam cancelled with trainee at CCT date. Trainee could not attempt the exam and will need to sit at the next available opportunity. 
    • C9 - Royal college or faculty mandatory training course cancelled with trainee at CCT date
    • C10 - not appliciable to GP trainees
    • C11 - not applicable to GP trainees
    • C12 - Other issue relating to Covid 19 - covers any issues not covered by cods C1-11

Additional information on the most recent WPBA requirement for ARCP (January 2021)


ARCP Venue Location

Currently ARCP is held online. When ARCPs are held face to face the venue for ARCPs when held face to face is the  West Bromwich Albion Football Club:


West Bromwich Albion FC
The Hawthorns
Birmingham Road
West Bromwich
B71 4LF

The nearest train station to the venue is The Hawthorns. This destination can also be reached via Birmingham Snow Hill Station located in Birmingham City Centre.

Further details on how to travel to the venue can also be found on the WBA Website

ARCP Dates

ARCP dates are emailed out to trainees by the admin team. If you are unsure about your ARCP or have questions about ARCP administration you can email the admin team at 


You are strongly advised to read the following checklist well in advance of your ARCP


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