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VTS timetable-All trainees


As part of the agreement between Hospitals, Practices and Health Education England, training posts are funded with the requirement that Hospitals and Practices release trainees in training posts to attend VTS teaching. In return for the considerable funding invested per trainee Health Education England expect a high quality training experience to be provided. Practices and Hospital Specialities are exepcted to arrange rotas around the training dates which are provided a year in advance. Trainees should not be expected to swap shifts to attend training. Trainees are responsible for attending training and should not take annual leave on whole day training days. We require require 100% attendance on the whole day training days (excepting exceptional leave). During the VTS term we allow for an average minimum attendance of 70% to account for rota variation, sickness and annual leave. If you are having difficulty attending teaching please contact due to rota difficulties please refer your speciality to this guidance. If difficulties persist please inform your Training Program Directors for support and guidance.


Please note we keep an attendance register on half day release courses, the whole day, the modular and RCA courses which is available for Trusts and trainers to refer to. Your attendance is recorded on your ePortfolio. Please note that If you tell your team you are going to teaching ensure that you attend. Failure to do so is probity issue and disciplinary action may follow.

If there is no educational session on a particular day then you will probably find yourself doing 'the day job' unless you have agreed something in advance with your supervisor.

All teaching will be on Thursday morning:

Each module may run in a different venue:

Venues may include:

Clinical Sciences Building
University Hospital
Clifford Bridge Road

John Turner Medical Centre
Lakin Road
CV34 5BW

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