Shared Surgeries

Shared surgeries are a valuable tool for trainees and trainers alike. All trainees should have an opportunity to be involved in shared surgeries. 


What is a Shared Surgery?

A shared surgery consists of a trainee being observed consulting and also having an opportunity to observe their trainer consulting. 

Shared surgeries provide an opportunity for assessment and feedback. The opportunity to receive feedback and then test it out under observation allows for rapid learning cycles. Evidence of learning from shared surgeries can be recorded using the Consultation Observation Tools (COTS). Shared surgeries can also be a source of Case Based Discussions.


Assessing Trainee Performance

Shared surgeries at the outset of a trainees rotation can be a useful method of assessing their clinical competency. Further shared surgeries throughout their rotation can help the trainer monitor progress. 


Timetabling Shared Surgeries

There can be conflict between service provision and training. Some surgeries balance this need by using shared surgeries to replace some tutorials. The surgeries thus provide high quality training without a significantly reducing their patient service.





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