Vocational Training

Vocational Training for General Practice

Vocational training involves the development and delivery of programmes to meet the learning needs of future general practitioners. There are three vocational training schemes in the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Programme and each scheme is managed by Training Programme Directors (TPDs). They used to be known as Course Organisers or Primary Care Medical Educators.

Each scheme has three clusters and each of these has an associated TPD. 

For more information about the schemes or to contact any of the TPDs, please go to the relevant VTS area on this website. 

North Worcestershire VTS Training Programme Directors

  • Pam Smith - Bromsgrove Cluster 
  • Anil Joshi - Wyre Forest Cluster 
  • Chris Wilkinson - Redditch Cluster 

South Worcestershire VTS Training Programme Directors

  • Cath Kelly - ST3 Cluster 
  • Peter Evans - ST3 Cluster
  • Fiona Martin - ST1/2 Cluster

Hereford VTS Training Programme Directors

  • Jenny Barnes - ST3 Cluster 
  • Philip Clayton - ST1 Cluster 
  • Saadi Hasan - ST2 Cluster 


Our Aim

Our aim is to promote communication and the transfer of information between all of those involved in primary care learning and education in the two counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Resources to help identify early trainees who may require extra support 

Some times trainees need a little more help to succed in completing their training We would like to intervene early to help them achieve their goal as easily as possible. Two useful documents are: 

  • The indicators of potential underperformance
  • The school of general practice Red Amber Green system - Click here for more details

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