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West Midlands Postgraduate School of General Practice

Courses for Prospective Trainers/Educational Supervisors


We are delighted to hear that you are interested in becoming a trainer.There is a rolling programme of  courses for new trainers / educational supervisors .


Step 1  Complete the application form here

For further information, please contact our GP Training Programme Administrator, Catherine English

Each of these courses is designed to ensure that all new trainers / educational supervisors in the West Midlands have achieved competence in twelve areas relevant to the role. We have used the competencies devised by the Scottish National Training Development Group, with their agreement. Please click here to see these competencies .

Important - Places on these courses are limited and will be available only to those who fulfill the criteria below.

  • You must be working in a general practice and be on the performers list of a West Midlands PCT, normally for a minimum of three years.
  • You must have the MRCGP.
  • You must be a new trainer and not have attended a trainers’ course before
  • You must have the approval of your Area Programme Director.

If you have not discussed your application with your APD yet, contact details

GP Trainer Accreditation Re-accreditation guidance July 2014

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