Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX)

Mini-CEX is a 15 minute snapshot of doctor/patient interaction, within a secondary care setting. It is designed to assess the clinical skills, attitudes and behaviours of trainees essential to providing high quality care.

Trainees will be asked to undertake six observed encounters during 12 months, with a different observer for each encounter. Each of these encounters should represent a different clinical problem and trainees should sample from a wide range of problem groups within the year.

Immediate feedback will be provided after each encounter, by the observer rating the trainee. Trainers and trainees will need to identify and agree strengths, areas for development and an action plan for each encounter.

Assessors: These may be staff grades, experienced specialty registrars (ST3 or above) or consultants.

Number of assessments required per year: A minimum of 3 in 6 months, whilst in secondary care.

Estimated time required: 20 minutes (15 min for assessment, 5 min for feedback).

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